Our Mission

To deliver the most reliable, efficient and cost effective products and services while providing a successful atmosphere for our employees to flourish and grow.

Stephen M. Lee & JT Rose – WBC Award Ceremony!

Total Automation Group, Inc. (“TAG”) welcomes you. Headed by security and engineering professionals, TAG is committed to providing innovative solutions for your specific automation and security needs. Members of the application team work directly with customers, sharing key insights to deliver systems that meet each customer’s specific requirements. As your supplier and integrator, TAG will provide you with a broad range of the finest industrial hardware and software services available, including robotics, PLC logic, controls, mechanical design, and integration. Through efficient operations, solution-oriented concepts, and low overhead, we can equip our end users with cost-effective automated systems essential to reducing cost and providing a reliable working system. This leaves the end user with a complete and operational access control point system.

Total Automation Group (TAG) was created in 2003 by Mr. Steve Lee with the goal of establishing a company that can handle all automation required in robotics for manufacturing plants. With over 17 years of experience in electrical engineering and controls, Mr. Lee was ready to begin providing his services. With hard work and determination, Mr. Lee had grown the company to a point where a full time sales/marketing division was necessary, as well as supporting engineers. Mr. Lee has exceptional programming and electrical skills which he has utilized to excel in the vehicle barrier industry. He is very thorough in his work and has years of experience in the security industry.


JT Rose joined Total Automation Group from Norshield Security Group. He was Director of the Vehicle Barrier Division for three years handling all operations for Perimeter Security Projects. He joined Norshield from Delta Scientific Corporation located in Valencia, CA. In his role as a High Security Barrier Applications Engineer, he successfully coordinated and performed over 200 government and private sector security jobs and was the leading sales engineer. He streamlined the ordering process and helped re-instate strong customer relations. His tenure at Delta Scientific ended when he accepted a job with Norshield Security as the Director for Vehicle Barrier Systems. With his vast experience and proven history, Mr. Rose has played a crucial role in expanding a strong TAG Security division. He has recently acquired his PSP (Physical Security Professional) & TCT certifications. The Physical Security Professional (PSP®) designation is evidence that an individual is “Board Certified in Physical Security.” It is awarded based upon experience and passing of an examination that provides objective measure of an individual’s broad-based knowledge and competency in physical security. There are only 700 professionals with PSP designations worldwide.


Bill Scrivner became part of the TAG team in 2008, leaving FPS services after 12 years of service. He joins TAG as a veteran in hydraulic supply and repair. He ran the FPS service division for several years and uses this hydraulic knowledge to maintain, service and install the various high security products in the industry. His successful track record in the hydraulics industry is now utilized in the perimeter security industry. The range of products TAG can now service is endless. Bill is currently building a team of experienced technicians primed to take care of the pressing needs of maintenance and service.


Louise Kim has joined the TAG team from a long history of service and maintenance coordination experience with B&B ARMR. She looks to contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience to the TAGeast Service Division and looks to help expand on its existing long list of contracts.


Jay Richardson recently joined TAG and has years of experience managing security projects during his time with B&B ARMR. He comes to TAG from an automation based company so that experience will be utilized in his many dealings with future ACP integration, installation, etc.. He is now IMSA certified and VMAG, RSSI trained. TAG looks forward to watching him continue to push excellence and quality.



Dependable & Cost Effective

Our ability to provide customers with dependable and cost effective automated solutions at a reasonable cost is what sets TAG apart from other systems integrators.

Exceptional Teamwork

Exceptional teamwork is achieved by incorporating product design, manufacturing, sales and service in one corporation, providing our customers with a fully integrated resource.

When you choose TAG

When you choose TAG, you inherit more than low cost and quality products. You are provided with seasoned professionals who value the importance of understanding your company’s objectives. TAG’s experienced systems engineers and applications engineers can help you effectively implement your specific automation needs.

We take your Investments very seriously

Supplying a complete line of integration products and exceptional services is our added value. We take your investments very seriously.


Total Automation Group, Inc. (TAG) is the premier supplier of intelligent and integrated high security access control equipment in the Perimeter Security Industry. A proven track record is the key in this industry and TAG has successfully supplied its services to hundreds of locations around the world. Total Automation Group not only manufacturers high end automation and integration controls systems but is pleased to also offer its services for any line of equipment from crash rated products such as the B&B ARMR Model 450 Crated Rated Gate, the Robotic Security Systems RSS2000 Electric Barrier, the B&B ARMR B30 Bollards, Magnetic Automation traffic arms, portable barriers, card readers, RFID Systems, Intrusion Detection systems and much more.

Integrating all of these products is important to implementing a system that is not only easy to use but that is effective against a vehicular or intruder attack. TAG began work in the vehicle barrier industry in 2003 providing all electrical panel work for HPU units supplied to Norshield Security. After producing and shipping out several control panels, TAG was then issued work directly from Norshield to handle its first installation in 2003. It was a professional and thorough installation that was very successful. TAG also performed service and maintenance on those items for the first year.

From that point, TAG provided technical or installation services to hundreds of other locations including Nuclear Power Plants, DOD locations, several entities in Washington DC, many private sector companies, etc. TAG also currently services and maintains hundreds of high security products throughout the country. TAG is an industry certified installer, has certified PSPs, hydraulic specialists and Programmers on staff, is the only company with a DIACAP accredited Barrier ACP system, and has a long list of references to attest to the high level of quality provided.