Customer Care

Quick response time, strong documentation and providing quality information is of utmost importance to us.
TAG understands the importance of strong partners in the industry and looks forward to exploring future relationships in both the Automation and Security Industries.

Total Automation Group, Inc.

61 Industrial Center Rd.,
Trafford, AL 35172, United States

Phone: 205-683-0255
Toll Free: 1-888-611-TAGUSA (8248)

TAGeast Service Division

45000 Underwood Lane Suite F
Sterling, VA 20166, U.S.A.
Phone: 703-663-8711

Emergency Info

TAG strives to meet the demand for customer care with a quick response time from phone calls to emails. Physical security cannot wait and TAG is there to help you. TAG is not limited to one manufacturer and can assess technical issues for all products available.

If there is an emergency at your location and the manufacturer is not available, please email or call us at 205-329-5208.

We are the professionals in this industry and know that a complete working system is needed 24 hours a day to protect your assets.

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