09.11.17 Never Forget

We will never forget this day in our country’s history. Here is to all of those that lost their lives.

07.14.17 TAG receives an order for an ACP Upgrade in Florida

TAG has received another order for a project in Florida that will include removing and upgrading original ACP security equipment that has never worked correctly. This will mark the 20th similar project that TAG has received and highlights the fact that end users need to perform due diligence to ensure the past performance of hired…


06.28.17- TAG begins work on a large ACP upgrade project

TAG received a contract in May of 2017 and has started work on the complete upgrade of a multi-lane ACP. All products, sensors, controls, and logic will be upgraded to ensure efficient and reliable operation of all equipment with proper reporting.

06.04.17- TAG is awarded a project in Michigan

TAG will be supplying and installing a new technologically advanced M50 electric wedge barrier to a location in Michigan. TAG will be building the controls portion and implementing high level controls and integration. This project will be completed in August of 2017.

05.27.17 TAG wishes everyone a safe and Happy Memorial Day weeke

On this long weekend, while enjoying your families, remember to shake the hand of a Veteran and thank them for fighting for your freedom and remember all of those that have lost their lives while serving their country. We all are in debt to them for their service.

05.03.17 TAG is awarded a project in the Northwest

TAG has been awarded a security enhancement project in the Northwest. This will include the addition of traffic arms, touchscreens, PLC’s, tailgating systems, etc. The project is the first of many and will be completed in September of 2017.

02.06.17 TAG opens a Texas office

As of February 2017, TAG has opened a Texas office due to the high demand for its services in the region. TAG’s east coast office has grown tremendously in the past 3 years servicing over 500 barrier products and now the Texas office is looking to provide the same level of quality service.

11.29.16 TAG is awarded a project in VA

TAG has been awarded another ACP upgrade project for two gates in VA. This is a total of 10 upgrades in the past 2 years to bring old ACPs up to current UFC standards.

10.06.16 TAG is awarded a project in Rivianna

TAG has been awarded a project that requires ESS and Vehicle Barrier Equipment. TAG will be supplying and installing Electric Beam Barriers as well as new cameras connecting to an existing system. This project will be completed in early 2017.

09.28.16 TAG is awarded a Controls Upgrade Project in Oregon

TAG will travel to Oregon to follow up on Phase I of an upgrade project with Phase II. Phase I was a complete overhaul of existing hydraulics and Phase II will be a touchscreen and TAG BDL upgrade to enhance controls and capabilities of the system. The project will be completed in 2016.