11.29.16 TAG is awarded a project in VA

TAG has been awarded another ACP upgrade project for two gates in VA. This is a total of 10 upgrades in the past 2 years to bring old ACPs up to current UFC standards.

10.06.16 TAG is awarded a project in Rivianna

TAG has been awarded a project that requires ESS and Vehicle Barrier Equipment. TAG will be supplying and installing Electric Beam Barriers as well as new cameras connecting to an existing system. This project will be completed in early 2017.

09.28.16 TAG is awarded a Controls Upgrade Project in Oregon

TAG will travel to Oregon to follow up on Phase I of an upgrade project with Phase II. Phase I was a complete overhaul of existing hydraulics and Phase II will be a touchscreen and TAG BDL upgrade to enhance controls and capabilities of the system. The project will be completed in 2016.

09.16.16 TAG is awarded a project in PA

TAG has been awarded a new barrier project in PA in which old hydraulic barriers will be removed and replaced with new TAG electric wedge barriers with advanced controls. The project is to be completed by the end of the year.

05.04.16 TAG expands its services to the Midwest

TAG has been awarded two service and maintenance contracts in the Texas area and looks to expand its services to other customers in need of quality partners. Contact us for more information.

05.01.16 TAG is awarded a project in Texas

TAG has been awarded a large project in Texas for the supply and installation of high security barrier products coupled with high end programming. The project is due to be completed this year.

04.18.16 TAG is awarded two additional service contracts in the DC area

TAGeast has been extremely busy servicing the many contracts already in hand but recently welcomed two additional customers and have in turn added two more seasoned technicians. TAG’s high level of service and quality is spreading throughout the industry and TAG looks forward to continuing its focus on excellence.

02.18.16 TAG is awarded two projects in Maryland

TAG has been awarded two projects to service, maintain and review equipment for two USG locations in Maryland. These projects will be added to the many others that are currently handled by TAGeast, the service and maintenance arm of TAG.

02.08.16 TAG is awarded an upgrade project in DC

TAG will be supplying and installing a primary touchscreen and control system for the SOC of a location in DC. This will give the end user full control of their perimeter from one location. The project will be complete in February of 2016.

01.07.16 TAG is awarded a controls upgrade project in VA

TAG has been awarded a controls upgrade project in VA. The project scope consists of adding an additional touchscreen for ultimate control of a TAGlink system and all of the crash rated products associated with the system.

12.16.15 TAG releases the TAGACP+ Access Control Point Upgrade Package

Although TAG has successfully implemented full DOD Vehicular Access Control Points in the past, the need for upgrading existing ACPs to meet current standards is at an all time high. TAG is now offering an ACP Upgrade package which has every component needed for small or large modifications to bring any ACP up to current standards. This…