02.18.16 TAG is awarded two projects in Maryland

TAG has been awarded two projects to service, maintain and review equipment for two USG locations in Maryland. These projects will be added to the many others that are currently handled by TAGeast, the service and maintenance arm of TAG.

02.08.16 TAG is awarded an upgrade project in DC

TAG will be supplying and installing a primary touchscreen and control system for the SOC of a location in DC. This will give the end user full control of their perimeter from one location. The project will be complete in February of 2016.

01.07.16 TAG is awarded a controls upgrade project in VA

TAG has been awarded a controls upgrade project in VA. The project scope consists of adding an additional touchscreen for ultimate control of a TAGlink system and all of the crash rated products associated with the system.

12.16.15 TAG releases the TAGACP+ Access Control Point Upgrade Package

Although TAG has successfully implemented full DOD Vehicular Access Control Points in the past, the need for upgrading existing ACPs to meet current standards is at an all time high. TAG is now offering an ACP Upgrade package which has every component needed for small or large modifications to bring any ACP up to current standards. This…


11.11.15 Happy Veteran’s Day!

Our service men and women are the lifeblood of this country and we owe our freedoms and way of life to them. From everyone at TAG, we say thank all who have served and urge everyone to spend time acknowledging the Veterans you run into today. Happy Veteran’s Day!

10.20.15 TAG progresses on a large project in NE

TAG continues its work on a very high profile and important project in Nebraska. The location will require the high quality and reliable products and programming. The design is underway now and TAG plans to implement the items in 2016.

10.08.15 TAG is awarded a project in the MidWest

TAG has been awarded a new barrier project in the Mid West. The project is currently in submittals but will be completed in 2016. It includes (6) new barriers to replace old existing hydraulic Intertex products.

09.24.15 TAG is awarded a project on the West Coast

TAG has been awarded an upgrade project on the West Coast. It will include some high level programming and integration for existing products. The goal is to increase reliability and reduce potential accidents.

09.04.15 TAG is awarded a new project on the East Coast

TAG has been awarded a complex programming and integration project on the East Coast for a private customer. The site will be installing hydraulic barriers but TAG will add high end integration and programming such as bi-directional lanes based on a GPS provided time, event recording, fiber based network and high tech 15″ touchscreens. This…


08.10.15 TAG is awarded a project on the West Coast

TAG has been awarded its 4th project on the West Coast for a location that currently has hydraulic barriers installed. TAG will facilitate the removal of the existing units and the installation of new M50 Electric Barriers with specialized programming and controls. The project will be completed by month’s end.

07.22.15 Breaking News: Hydraulic Bollard Issues

This is why it is important to properly design, install, program and integrate your barrier/bollard systems: