01.01.14 Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

From everyone here at TAG, we hope that you had a Merry Christmas and that you have a happy and safe New Year. 2013 was a very productive year and we look forward to an even more prosperous 2014.

08.01.13-12.30.13 TAG successfully completes 8 projects

TAG has spent the last few months redesigning its website and during that time has successfully completed 8 different projects throughout the US.

These projects include a few in New York and Virginia, two in California, and several more in the Midwest. This helped TAG finish the year in a strong way.

07.19.13 TAG is awarded (6) Upgrade Projects

TAG has been awarded (6) projects that will include upgrading and retrofitting 17 gates at 6 different sites. The goal will be to have fully automated and unmanned gates at each location. TAG’s system is perfect for these applications and we look forward to completing the upgrades.

07.04.13 Happy 4th of July from TAG

Happy Independence Day to all! We wish you a safe and fun holiday. Enjoy the fireworks and remember those that fought and still fight for our independence!

07.02.13 TAG is awarded a project in Maryland

TAG has been awarded an upgrade project in Maryland that will include a complete revamp of existing vehicle barriers, automation and controls. The project will be completed in September.

05.27.13 Memorial Day Celebration

TAG celebrates today with all of our armed forces in memory of all of those who have fought and died for this country. We thank you for your service! Happy Memorial Day from TAG.

04.02.13 TAG finalizes design work (TAGTGS)

TAG finalized its design work for a new tailgating system. Tailgating has been difficult to prevent but this new advanced system detects and alerts the system and site of tailgating. Call us for more information.

03.08.13 TAG is awarded an upgrade project in New York (TAGlink/TAGOS)

TAG has been awarded a security upgrade project in the New York. This will be the first of 8 projects in which TAG will be upgrading, updating, and integrating various security products with its TAGlink system. Also, TAG will be implementing its new Oversized Vehicle and Tailgating system which is the first of its kind.

02.16.13 TAG is awarded an upgrade project in NYC

TAG will be retrofitting existing electric barriers at a location in New York. This will include upgraded and advanced programming and engineering. The site is looking to implement the most advanced technology available in order to prevent unnecessary accidents while still having reliable security products in place. The project will be completed in May.

02.03.13 TAG is awarded a project in Texas

TAG has been awarded a programming upgrade project in Texas. The project had continuous access control point problems for several years since the first supplier did not have programming experience. After several issues the end user reached out to TAG due to our expertise and quality. TAG will re-program all ACP devices including K12 Barriers,…


01.21.13 TAG is awarded a project in Maryland

TAG has been awarded a project to supply and install high security barrier products as well as integrate and program existing units. The project is due to be complete by April of this year. Contact us for more information on M50/K12 Electric Bollards.

01.12.13 TAG is awarded a project on the East Coast

TAG has been awarded an upgrade project in the DC area. This project is another one that focuses on the advanced controls and remote monitoring that TAG has supplied to many sites. These devices allow for easy and smooth integration of various ACP high security barrier products. Call us for more information.