11.21.12 Happy Thanksgiving from TAG

From everyone here at TAG, we would like to wish you and your family and happy and safe Thanksgiving. Enjoy some amazing food and family time!

11.19.12 TAG is awarded a DOD project in the Northeast

TAG will be supplying, installing, and integrating (4) RSS2000 M50 All Electric Vehicle Barriers and a full UFC ACP utilizing the proven TAGlink TCU system. This will wind up being another successful fully integrated and programmed ACP system. TAG looks forward to its completion in mid 2013.

11.11.12 Veteran’s Day

Here is to all of those that have fought for our freedom! We appreciate all you have done and have you to thank for the quality of life we live today. Thank you!

10.30.12 TAG is awarded a project in DC

TAG has been awarded a project to remove existing non-compliant electric barrier products and to install crash tested and proven electric products. The existing units have been installed for a year but could never meet the performance or the quality required by the site. The project should be complete in November 2012.

09.27.12 TAG is awarded a project in New York

TAG looks to supply and install crash rated gates for another site in New York. the project will be completed by February 2013. If you are looking for K12 (M50) or K4 (M30) crash rated electric/hydraulic gates, please contact us.

09.14.12 Hardened Perimeters are More Important than Ever

As we see continued attacks in the Middle East on our nation’s assets and local bomb threats, now is the time to make sure your perimeter security devices are reliable and ready for anything. Gates, bollards, barriers, beams, and arms all need to be primed and ready. Contact us with any questions.

09.11.12 TAG Remembers 9/11

As TAG exhibits its high security products and solutions at the ASIS show in Philadelphia, we recognize all of those that we lost 11 years ago on this day. Here is to all of them!

08.28.12 TAG is awarded a project in New York

TAG has been awarded a project for the supply and installation of (3) Crash Rated Gates for a project in New York. TAG looks to continue its track record of high quality for this particular long time customer.

08.06.12 TAG is awarded repeat work at a location outside of St. Louis, MO

TAG continues to perform quality work at locations throughout the US. This is highlighted by the continued high demand for TAG’s products and services from previous and new customers. TAG’s primary focus is on quality and reliable work making the site safe and secure. Contact us for a list of references ready and willing to…


07.17.12 TAG completes replacement project in Illinois

The project included removing existing hydraulic barriers and replacing with new RSS2000 K12 rated Electric Barriers. The site had numerous issues and spent a ton of money attempting to fix reoccurring problems and finally decided to replace the units. TAG is pleased to leave another customer happy.

07.04.12- Happy 4th of July

TAG would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Enjoy the day off and time with the family, and please be safe. Do remember the meaning of this date as it is an important piece of our country’s history. God Bless America!

06.14.12 TAG passes large PVT with flying colors

TAG recently completed and successfully passed the world’s second largest and most complex PVT (Performance Verification Test) test for an ACP/ Vehicle Barrier System . The 170 page PVT covered systems recently installed at a building outside of DC. It included two TAGlink TCU’s, one BDL Node, (2) Secondary Custom Touch Screens, (1) Primary Custom Touch…


05.28.12 Happy Memorial Day!

TAG wishes you and your family a safe and relaxing Memorial Day. Take some time today, as we will, to remember those brave men and women that fought and died for our country’s freedom.

05.24.12 TAG finishes work at a large location in Maryland

TAG supplied, installed, and integrated high security products for a location in Maryland. The site will be utilizing the TAGlink ACP system to seamlessly tie in all access control point locations. Contact TAG for more information about how this technology is leading the industry into a higher realm of quality and accountability.

05.08.12 TAG successfully completes work on large project outside of DC

TAG successfully designed, installed, integrated, and tested an all encompassing TAGlink system at a project in Falls Church, VA which included vehicle barriers, traffic arms, signs and signals, EFO buttons, ER systems, BDLs, LU signs, RBL lanes, VICSYS, MCCON and the most advanced perimeter intelligence system in the industry . The project is the second…