08.04.11 TAG gears up for a busy month of August

TAG is gearing up for a busy month of August with projects spanning across the CONUS. TAG will continue its focus on quality work and effective communication which is always results in a happy and content customer/end user.

07.26.11 TAG starts the installation of a K12 Rated Gate System in New York

TAG has started work on a project in New York as its TAGnyc division gets set for a very productive year. This project is one of a series for an important customer in this area. Contact Mr. Bill Jempty bjempty@totalautomationgroup.com for pricing, information, or assistance with your location in this area.

06.12.11 TAG receives high marks for projects on the East Coast

TAG’s focus on quality and customer service continues to raise eyebrows on the East Coast. The high level or service and satisfaction is something that has been lost in the industry for quite some time. Contact TAG for any Perimeter Security product needs. Quality references from all of their projects are readily available to discuss…


05.26.11 TAG continues its extreme focus on quality customer service

Ever since the inception of TAG, making the customer happy has been its main focus. With over 20 service/maintenance contracts currently in place, TAG continues to assist locations throughout the US in keeping their security systems in quality operating conditions. It is extremely important to have your perimeter security system ready and operational at all…


04.19.11 TAGlink System Continues to Impress

The TAGlink Programmable Access Control System has passed more project tests and continues to impress. The system is the first of its kind to accurately and easily integrate high security vehicle barriers with various signs and signal requirements under the ACP specifications. It has proven itself again to be an extremely intelligent, reliable and self…


04.01.11 TAG continues work at an Army Base in Virginia

TAG looks to continue installing two more ACPs at an Army Base in Virginia. The project originally started in 2009 and should be fully completed by the middle of 2011. The project will consist of the TAGlink PAC (Programmable Access Control Point) system and over 20 Vehicle Barriers tied into a signs and signals package.

03.31.11 ISC West Show

TAG will be attending the ISC West show in Las Vegas, NV and looks forward to seeing everyone there.

03.03.11 The TAGlink ACP system impresses various government agencies

Contact us for more information regarding our TAGlink Access Control Point System. It is the most advanced, efficient and effective proven system in the industry. It can accommodate any method of access control from a Final Denial sequence to a Presence Detection arrangement. Contact us for pricing, information, and drawings. – JT Rose (jtrose@totalautomationgroup.com)

12.23.10 TAG completes a Barrier Buy Back project in Alabama.

TAG removed old barirer units and installed new electric units with customized integration and controls for a location in Alabama. The replacement is part of the Barrier Buy Back Program which TAG implemented in 2010 and focuses on removing high maintenance/service products with lower cost units.