Advanced Controls along with Vehicle Barrier, Bollard, Beam, Gate & Perimeter Security Products

The need for an experienced and dependable company to assess, integrate, install and maintain perimeter security devices grows
as more manufacturers enter into the Perimeter Security and Access Control Industry,
and as more locations look to integrate multiple security items.
Crowd control measures and temporary security solutions are paramount given the recent global attacks.

Now, more than ever, it is time to assess the various external threats to your location or event and
to determine the most effective way to integrate various devices to protect your assets from unauthorized vehicle entry.

TAGlink (TCU) Access Control Point System


The TAGlink (TCU) ACP System is currently the most sophisticated, cost effective and experienced system available on the market. It is the only DIACAP accredited ACP Barrier system in the US. It meets and/or exceeds the current UFC requirements as an Access Control Point Device. TAG has implemented this system at many locations and have passed the rigorous PVT testing requirements. It can seamlessly integrate and automate any available vehicle barrier, bollard, gate, beam, turnstile, traffic arm or signs and signals.

Do not get stuck utilizing an unproven ACP system that may cost less up front. Having to retest the system multiple times with the government will wind up costing you more.

TAG Vehicle Barrier & ACP Systems

TAG Vehicle Barrier and ACP Systems

Total Automation Group has experience with a wide range of VBS products consisting of barriers, gates and bollards which are mounted or installed at a vehicular access point. Typical operation extends from below the ground into the path of oncoming vehicles to prevent passage and on demand retract to allow vehicle passage and traffic control. These products are designed to multiple levels of threat based on the weight and speed of the vehicle. For many products, testing and certification are according to the U.S. Department of State standard SD-STD-02.01 Rev. A. or ASTM standards. TAG can handle maintenance and service on all DOS rated and non DOS rated products.

A) TAGlink ACP – B) Vehicle Barrier – C) Overhead Lights – D) Wig Wags, Signs & Signals
E) Primary Push Button Panel (Event Recorder) – F) Traffic Arm – G) EFO Button – H) Overspeed & Wrong Way Detection – I) K12 Fenceline – J) Warning Signs

TAG-K12/M50 Electric Vehicle Barriers

TAG-K12/M50 Electric Vehicle Barrier

The K12/M50 Electric Wedge is currently the most recommended product in the industry. Total Automation Group has had great success installing, supplying and integrating this unit at hundreds of locations. It is on cutting edge of innovative vehicle barrier systems and coupled with TAG’s IPU (Intelligent Power Unit), two of the barriers are well beyond all other units. These represent advancements in nearly all aspects of the traditional shallow foundation wedge barrier. There are currently three recommended electric K12/M50 wedge barriers that can meet our high standards. These include the B&B Model 828 with a TAG IPU, the Gibraltar G2000 with a TAG IPU, and the RSS2000. The reasons for our success with these products can be attributed to the following:

  1. High Duty Cycles – Capable of completing a high volume of complete up/down cycles per hour.

  2. Normal Operational Speed – 3 seconds during normal use.

  3. EFO Speed – Within 1.5 seconds during emergency fast operation sequence (EFO).

  4. Fully enclosed Electric Motors – Two of the recommended units TAG supplies use the ServoEM actuators which are IP-67 and can operate under water and are “drip-proof totally enclosed enclosures.

  5. Cold Weather Solution – There is not a better option than these electric barriers for cold weather applications. The internal heating systems provided with these barriers are designed to operate in extreme environments. Snow and freezing temperatures do not affect these units. Don’t get stuck utilizing old hydraulic products that slow down in the winter.(see attached pics).

  6. Manual Operation – Each electric wedge barrier is designed to be “manually operated with cordless drill fitted with the proper drive”.

  7. Battery Backup System – These electric barriers are the only products on the market that can last well over 100 cycles if the power goes out and a BBU has been installed.

  8. Warranty – 2-year Electrical and 2-year Mechanical warranty goes above and beyond the standard barrier warranty offered by other manufacturer’s of one year.

There are many “crash certified” products but the certification is no longer the end user’s concern. A crash certification is 1/10th of the goal for architects, engineers, etc. The real concern is reliability, warranty, maintenance costs and integration capabilities. The end user wants to know that the unit will operate effectively and properly when needed. It is no longer acceptable for a barrier to be just DOS K12 or ASTM M50 rated. TAG pushes for quality and reliability throughout the life of the product. Use the G2000 or the Model 828 with TAG’s IPU and you will not longer have to worry about failures or accidents.

B&B ARMR Model 400 & 450 Cantilever Crash Gate

B&B ARMR Model 400 & 450 Cantilever Crash Gate

The B&B ARMR Model 400 and Model 450 Cantilever Crash Gate displays the best combined vehicle and intruder protection available. This gate showcases the strongest force protection of any gate inside an expert design that optimizes functionality, reliability and operation. TAG has installed a large amount of these gates around the US as it has demonstrated the most reliability and integration capabilities.

High Security Bollards (Passive, Active, Manual, & Shallow)

High Security Bollards

TAG has installed hundreds of bollards in its history and currently recommends the RSS4000 K12/M50 Electric Bollard for an Electric M50 solution. These units utilize the same advanced and reliable Allen Bradley technology as the RSS2000. For lower rated bollards and hydraulic versions, TAG recommends the B&B ARMR Model B30. These bollards are powerful, reliable, and versatile systems that command considerable force protection. The bollards can use a TAG supplied hydraulic power unit, a state of the art integral actuator system, offering better performance in a limited space. Also, contact us for fixed, manual or shallow foundation units.

Crash Rated Beam Barriers – RSS3000 Electric K4/M30 & CR-25 Electric K4/M30

Crash Rated Beam Barriers – Model 773 Electric Beam, RSS3000 Electric K4/M30 Beam Barrier, and the CR-25 Electric K4/M30 Beam

The cable beam barrier is a powerful force protection product integrating quality with strength. Cable beam barriers are tested and certified by the United States Navy for a crash rating, capable of stopping a 10,000lbs vehicle traveling at a speed of 18 mph. The barrier provides a high level of security within a refined design. Our recommended manual and operable units for large openings is the CR-25E or CR-25M.

The Model 773 is the cutting edge all electric beam barrier with an ASTM M30 crash certification. This unit has all of the same attributes as the Model 828 Electric Wedge but is an above grade rising beam. Its smooth operation reduces wear on its operational components which reduces future service costs. It is an extremely reliable unit for cold weather applications and now is supplied to raise to a full 90 degree angle, allowing large trucks to adequately drive into the location. It is the most reliable K4 rated beam on the market today.

Traffic Arms

Traffic Arms

There are several traffic arms available on the market and TAG can supply, install, integrate or maintain any and all units but we do prefer Magentic Automation products.

The new Park Pro traffic arms have improved tremendously in the past year and are extremely reliable for high and low volume ACPs. These units can be easily integrated with any barrier and our ACP system.

TAGBDL Barrier Data Link
• TAG Exclusive Product •

The TAGBDL system is an integrated network installed and supplied by TAG that combines controls of multiple devices into one “Smart” access control system. If you have vehicle barriers, slide gates, card readers, stop lights and gate arms, the most effective way to properly set up the controls is to integrate all of these items into one panel to reduce the amount of buttons or actions security personnel will have to take when allowing or disallowing access to the facility. This system tremendously reduces the potential for user error.

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TAG PTK1000 Technician Kit
• TAG Exclusive Product •

The TAG PTK1000 is an extremely advanced barrier / bollard / gate service kit allowing the end user to quickly troubleshoot and potentially fix errors in the system that may arise. Security needs to be in operation at all times and TAG understands the importance of addressing potential problems or issues immediately. This system allows us to perform that task. Feel free to contact us for CAD drawings, specs or for any questions.

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Overspeed & Wrong Way Detection

The TAGSDET100 is the most cost effective and reliable Over-speed and Wrong Way detection on the market. This system does not utilize in ground loops to measure speed or direction but uses state of the art radar sensors with KA band ranges of up to 2 miles. These units can be integrated with an advanced alert system giving the security personnel advanced notice of a potentially unsafe vehicle.

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TAGTGS (Tailgating System)

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TAGSAS (Safety Area Scanner)

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