TAG Achievements & References

An impeccable past performance list and a long list of references are very important to TAG.
How well a company performs in the past and how willing customers and end users are to discuss the quality, tell a lot about a company.

TAG prides itself on its integrity and a high level of quality as highlighted by the two awards recently given to TAGThe SAME Huntsville Engineering Firm of the Year and the Washington Building Council Outstanding Workmanship Award for the work performed at the Mark Center. Do note that TAG did not nominate itself for the WBC Award but the GC on the project did.

TAG designed, installed, integrated and tested the largest Vehicle Barrier/ACP system in the US. The test plan wound up around 180 pages and TAG had zero punch list items. This was a true example of how quality and perfection drives TAG as opposed to profits and the bottom line.

TAG has the only DIACAP accredited system in the US.

TAG’s Recent Projects

This section highlights a few of TAG’s recent projects.
They range from turnkey projects to simply oversight and supply. However, on every project, we strive to
exceed the customer’s needs and provide premiere quality.

RSS2000 & RSS3000 Installation: U.S. Air Force - Warren AFB - Wyoming

  • Scope of Work: Installation

  • Products Provided: RSS2000 & RSS3000 Installation

  • Services Provided: Installation/Training/Controls

  • Facilities: (3) Entrance/Exit Gates

Removal, RSS2000 Supply & Installation: U.S. Army - West Point Academy - New York

  • Scope of Work: Removal, Supply and Installation

  • Products Provided: RSS2000 Installation

  • Services Provided: Removal and Installation/Training

  • Facilities: (5) Entrance/Exit Gates

RSS2000 Installation, Integration, Training: U.S. Army - Ft. Belvoir

  • Scope of Work: Supply and Install

  • Products Provided: RSS2000 Installation, Integration, Training

  • Services Provided: Installation, Training Signs and Signals Programming

  • Facilities: (2) Entrance/Exit Gates

New Final Denial Package: U.S. Army - NIEHS - North Carolina

  • Scope of Work: Supply, Integration, Installation

  • Products Provided: (8) RSS2000 Electric Barriers, Signs & Signals, Overspeed & Wrong Way Detection

  • Services Provided: Installation, Training, Maintenance

  • Facilities: (5) Gate ECPs

Supply and Installation: DOD Project I

  • Scope of Work: Supply and Installation

  • Products Provided: (7) RSS2000 Electric Barriers, (2) RSS3000 Electric Beams, (4) BIG Guard Booths, (24) Traffic Arms, (5) TCUs, (1) Manual K12 Beam, Custom Programming, (1) BDL, Lane Use Signs, Primary Touch Screens with Custom Screens, Secondary Touch Screens, Event Recording, Overspeed and Wrong Way Detection, DIACAP Accreditation

  • Services Provided: Installation, Training, Maintenance

  • Access Control Points: (6) Gate ACPs, remote traffic arms

  • Project Comments: Utilizing our extensive automation and vehicle barrier background, the system installed at BRAC133 is the largest and most advanced automated Access Control Point/barrier system in the United States. We strategically integrated and implemented high quality equipment, allowing the end user to not only protect its assets from a vehicular attack but to also provide the operators simplified control over a complex system, reducing the number of potential errors.

This barrier/ACP system covers every vehicular access control point and utilizes over (20) traffic arms, (8) K12 Rated RSS2000 Electric Barriers, (2) K4 rated RSS3000 Electric Beams, (5) TAGlink TCUs, (4) TAG BDL (Barrier Data Link) nodes at each remote device, tamper switches, custom touchscreen panels for each booth and the SOC, traffic warning light systems including lane use signs, (65) presence loops and queuing loops, infra red safety beams, advanced automation for the reversible lanes and sally-port, miles of conduits, fiber and network nodes allowing everything to be easily monitored and operated from the safety of the SOC.

This system is the first DIACAP accredited AVB system in the US

Full Access Control Point & Final Denial: DOD Project II

  • Scope of Work: Supply and Installation

  • Products Provided: (6) RSS2000 Electric Barriers, (3) BIG Guard Booths, (14) Traffic Arms, (2) TCUs, Custom Programming, (1) BDL, Lane use signs, Signs and Signals package, Primary Touch Screens with Custom Screen Layouts, Secondary Touch Screens, Event Recording, Overspeed and Wrong Way Detection

  • Services Provided: Installation, Training, Maintenance

  • Access Control Points: (2) Gate ACPs and a loading dock

  • Project Comments: This site is a sister site to DOD Project I and the programming, layouts, logic, etc are all very similar.

Correct & Upgrade Automation & Associated Components: NAVY Automated Gates Program

  • Scope of Work: Correct and Upgrade Automation and Associated Components

  • Products Provided: (4) RSS3000 K4 Beams, (4) VMAG Operated Slide Gates, (2) Traffic Arms, (16) Traffic Lights, (34) Safety/Presence Loops, (1) Sentry Interface, (6) IR Beams, (4) Card Readers

  • Services Provided: Installation, Integration, Programming

  • Project Comments: This is the most sophisticated and elaborate program in the US. It is a completely automated gate that requires zero human intervention.

  • “It’s truly great to find a company that’s philosophies on customer service and going the extra mile that mirrors ours.
    You have yourselves a very satisfied customer.”

  • “You guys are so good that we don’t have to worry about you. You do what you say and make it happen.”

  • “As always you have done an excellent job at satisfying another one of you customers.
    Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated.”

  • “I just wanted to thank everyone and congratulate you once again on a great performance with the AVB system. I very much appreciate the hard work and the customer oriented approach that you undertook with PFPA and the amount of effort put in to meet their operational needs… it was that kind of professionalism that made this so successful.”

    Andrew Zuzulock, USACE ~ WHS BRAC133
  • “Again, congrats on the successfull commissioning of TCU’s 1, 2, 3 this week on the site. This is a major milestone for the project, and the Shirley/Clark team really appreciates the massive coordination effort as well as the 14 hour days and 7 day weeks that enabled your company to pull this off successfully. Your team has been great to work with both in the field and office..”

    Rick Myer, Shirley Contracting, BRAC133
  • “Not only am I impressed with TAG’s total operation (management, operations, performance and support), but they are one of the best subcontractors to work with, and, our customer is totally impressed with them and has recommended TAG to other agencies/colleagues.”

    Defense Contractor