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TAG’s Proven Track Record

A proven track record is the key to this industry and TAG has successfully supplied our services to many locations throughout the world. Total Automation Group is pleased to offer its services for any line of equipment.

TAG’s Professional Recommendation

Use TAG’s professionals to walk your location and give a professional recommendation for your security devices. TAG has trained PSPs able to provide a full site analysis and threat assessment. Also, utilize TAG to integrate existing and new access control devices. Whether it is B&B ARMR products or RSSI, contact us for integration.

Experts in the VBS Industry

TAG’s trained teams are experts in the VBS industry. Installations are effective and price competitive. With years of experience, TAG ensures these units are installed correctly.

Protecting your Assets

An advanced high security perimeter system is the ideal way of protecting your assets.

Service, Maintenance, Integration & Consulting

TAGsecurity offers a complete line of security solutions and services from perimeter detection to DOS rated barrier units but focuses on the automation and integration of these products into a complete system. Several companies in the industry have attempted to put together an automated traffic control based system but TAG has supplied and implemented many systems throughout the US. TAG also can provide full service and maintenance offerings on these products and can guarantee expedient response times to make sure your products stay operational. Don’t get caught with your barriers down. Contact TAG asap.

A well balanced, reliable and experienced company is the key to a successful physical security project.

The TAGlink TCU/ACPC Unit is the key to perimeter intelligence and site safety
TAG’s specialty is not only active vehicle barrier products but also integration and automation of those systems. When integrating multiple access control products, it is important to implement a system that is not only easy to use but that is effective against a vehicular or intruder attack and reliable for the life of the products. TAG’s products have the capability to seamlessly integrate all of the equipment listed below, and more. The TAGlink (patent pending) access control point system centralizes all perimeter security products and allows for ease of integration, operation, service, event recording and modification.

Model 400 with Crash Fence- (M30/K4 Gate) – Quality Work is TAG’s Priority

There are several crash rated products available in the industry and we know that most all units have stopping capabilities (ASTM or DOS), but reliability is the key to a successful life of the product. The need for an experienced and dependable company to assess, integrate, install and maintain perimeter security devices grows as more locations look to integrate multiple security devices. Now, more than ever, it is time to assess the various external threats to your location and to determine the most effective way to integrate various items to protect your assets from unauthorized vehicle entry. For pricing, drawings or specs, click the link above or call us at 1-888-611-TAGUSA (8248).

Customer care, quick response time, strong documentation and providing quality information is of utmost importance.

Largest & most complex ACP System in the US

TAG ACP Final Denial Signs and Signal System

TAG recently completed a project that was labeled the largest and most complex ACP system in the US. The system covers every vehicular access control point into this location and includes over (22) traffic arms, (8) RSS2000 Vehicle Barriers, (2) RSS3000 Crash Rated Beams, (1) DSC7000 Beam, (5) TAGlink TCUs, (4) BDL (Barrier Data Links) nodes, tamper switches, custom touchscreens, (5) BR Rated Guard Booths, Wrong Way Systems, signs and signals package, (65) Presence loops & queuing loops, customer IR Beams, advanced automation for reversible lanes and sally port sequences, miles of conduits, fiber & network modules allowing everything to be easily monitored and operated from the SOC.

A) TAGlink ACP – B) Vehicle Barrier – C) Overhead Lights – D) Wig Wags, Signs & Signals
E) Primary Push Button Panel (Event Recorder) – F) Traffic Arm – G) EFO Button – H) Overspeed & Wrong Way Detection – I) K12 Fenceline – J) Warning Signs